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The Bongo Room - An Abomination to God?

The Bongo Room has been a staple in Wicker Park at 1470 N. Milwaukee Avenue for twenty years. And when lawmakers announced yesterday that same-sex marriage would be allowed in the state of Illinois, many posted photos and images of support via social media. But you just knew some people weren't going to be happy. And one of those people landed on The Bongo Room's Facebook Page.

After posting this image to their Facebook page with the statement: "Way to Go Illinois", The Bongo Room received the following comment (and more) from one of their followers:

"I don't intend to set foot in your doors again. This page is an abomination to God. Has nothing to do with love and tolerance. Love people hate the sin."

The Bongo Room is gay-owned and made that perfectly clear to this particular follower. Instead of responding to the comments with anger, they responded with patience and tolerance:

"Love is compassion and tolerance. Intolerance and passing judgement is not love. As the owners of the Bongo Room, we rarely reserve the right to use our page as a platform. Bongo Room is gay-owned and we understand completely if you never set foot in our doors again."

They closed with "Love to you, Mary."

It's easy to delete or ignore negative comments online. But not The Bongo Room. They addressed it head on. Not only did they reinforce the message of tolerance, they exemplified it. Way to go guys. 

images courtesy of The Bongo Room via Facebook

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