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NYE at Double Door

December 31st
1572 N. Milwaukee Avenue
$25 Adv/ $30 Door
Mucca Pazza
Ring in the New Year with Mucca Pazza, My Gold Mask, Fess Grandiose
Mucca Pazza
Mucca Pazza is the marching band that thinks it's a rock 'n roll band. The group is a collection of shameless band nerds wielding instruments of incongruous traditions, sometimes in competition, often in cooperation. Many of them played in traditional marching bands in high school. Others wanted to but couldn't because they played violin or accordion, and no one had yet come up with the amplified helmet. With speakers strapped firmly to heads, their rambunctious live show has brought them to such acclaimed venues as the Late Show with Conan O'Brien, Lollapalooza, and a fleet of canoes floating down the Chicago River.

Their music skips from genre to unnameable genre, never settling in one place for long, but held together by the band's unmistakable sound and irresistible energy. To their credit, they only have one march in their original repertoire, their other music includes zombie-mambo, snake-charmer-metal, gypsy-reggaeton, punk-classical, and some demented arrangements of Dmitri Shostakovich, Bela Bartok, and famed Egyptian composer Kemal El Tawil.

"Any band that can get a crowd of 700, the majority of which have never heard of them, dancing, pogoing, screaming and beaming in a span of 10 minutes definitely has a good thing going. Mucca Pazza managed to reach those and teh frat boys, the soccer moms, the cowboys, the gangstas, and everyone in between." --Arizona Daily Star
My Gold Mask
My Gold Mask
My Gold Mask started in 2009 as an experimental home recording project between longstanding collaborators (and couple) Gretta Rochelle and Jack Armondo. Since then the bands music has been featured in numerous blogs, fashion shows and on tv. But My Gold Mask's true passion and focus has always been exploring new musical territory and growing as artists.
Not concerned with classifications, My Gold Mask's songs bring to mind their own unique blend of cross boundary influences while a unifying "dark pop" undercurrent threads together their ever growing catalog.
In 2013 Gretta and Jack were joined by drummer James Andrew, who along with longtime producer Balthazar de Ley, has helped push the band into more electronic territory.
Currently the band is focused on releasing a series of digital singles that piece by piece are completing a larger tapestry. With the additional help of producer Sanford Parker and remixes featuring some of the bands favorite artists, these singles point to the future of My Gold Mask as they continue their journey of discovery and emotion.
Fess Grandiose
Fess Grandiose
In an industry that prizes pigeonholes, Fess Grandiose brings something new to the industry: versatility. Born and raised on the south side of Chicago, he began as a MC at 17. Now Fess is a triple threat: an MC, DJ, and producer. From the lyrics, to production, down to the scratching, Fess holds complete control of his music. He prides himself on passionately staying true to hip-hop while soulfully adding his own personal inspirations--classic rock, funk, electronica. DJing his own set while performing along side live drums and keys are just part of the repertoire that sets him apart. Booking Fess in not just another rap performance; it's a grandiose event, where new school Hip-Hop meets vintage vibes. You'll be wondering what comes next...
Venue Information:
Double Door
1572 N Milwaukee Ave
Chicago, IL, 60622
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