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Mazi Dance Fitness Centre

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2001 W. North Avenue - Chicago, IL
(773) 278-9600
Mon, Wed 9 am - 9 pm ,Tue 6 am - 9 pm , Thu 6 am - 8 pm, Fri 7 am - 7 pm, Sat 8 am - 4 pm, Sun 9:30 am - 3 pm

  Million dollar answer to question “What’s the most effective work-out?” Doing something you love! Rediscover or discover your dance passion at MaZi Dance Fitness, where each work-out offers an opportunity to be graceful, precise, strong and healthy from the inside out. Our eclectic program offers ballet technique based fitness classes, attainable to all levels, known as “Ballerina Bum”, as well as dance cardio, Zumba, hip-hop, Werq, ballet classes and many more that are after the same thing….evolving you into a dancer!

We offer class packages, drop-ins, memberships, private training & dance parties and nutritional counseling. We are a complete dance lifestyle company that eats, breathes and sleeps dance! Our  community is very special, come check us out today! You only regret what you don’t do.


Also check out their very own Ballerina Evolve classes that will change your body from the inside out and teach you how to activate your muscles as a dancer.


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