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1570 N. Damen Avenue - Wicker Park, IL
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Formerly the Underdogg spot best known for its hot dog sign next to Flash Taco and City Soles, this Wicker Park icon has been replaced by its alter ego Heat.

The soon-to-be family restaurant by day, late nosh spot by night, will involve a complete transformation of its menu that features healthier alternatives to the usual hamburgers, hot dogs and french fries.  Chef Ken Robinson's focus (in partnership with with Flash Taco owner Ulysses Salamanca) is on locally sourced food; definitely several steps up from the traditional greasy spoon.

When we spoke to the folks there, it certainly sounded like Underdogg was ready for a change after 20 years. So now you'll find a more exotic menu including boar and elk.

Yes, the extra greasy fries and veggie dog are gone... but if you're up for a 'duck dog' well, you may just be in the right place. 


**Opening this week, additional details will be provided shortly.***

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