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Cinco de Mayo Burlesque at Gorilla Tango Bucktown

The Mariachi Man Drinks to a Cinco De Mayo Burlesque

Gorilla Tango Burlesque is pleased to present “A Very Special El Mari Chi Chi: A Cinco de Mayo Burlesque” on Saturday, May 5 at 11:59pm at Gorilla Tango Bucktown (1919 N. Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago IL 60647). For one day only, in celebration of Mexican Heritage and drinking holidays everywhere, GTB the cast of El Mari Chi Chi will perform an interactive drinking theme burlesque show! 

The audience may keep up with the characters on stage and take a drink for each time a character takes a swig.  Written by the Salsation Theater Company, this show is a parody of Robert Rodriguez’s cult classic, “Desperado.”  El Mari Chi Chi runs every Saturday at midnight at the Gorilla Tango Theatre, 1919 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60647.  Tickets are $20 and may be purchased at the theater box office, or by phone (773-598-4549), or online at www.gorillatango.com.

Mari, a guitar playing musician, was a man in love until his amor, Conchita, wrongfully crossed the path of Mierda, the powerful drug selling gangster, who ultimately took her life.  Now Mari hitchhikes town to town with only his guitar case to return the murder of his lost love to Mierda.  With Buscame as his ally informant, Carolina - his new love interest, and his fellow mariachi players – Lorenzo & Fidea, he vows to take down Mierda’s militia. 

Can a mariachi guitar player overpower such a strong militia with just his street smarts and stunning good looks? Will Mari defeat the demons of his nightmares while looking for his own true love? And will his little amigo, Nino, ever learn to become a real mariachi player in such a corrupt town?

With Robert Rodriguez’s memorable characters from the indie film classic, Desperado (1995), the women of Gorilla Tango Burlesque add a Latino flavor to their well known repertoire of nerd parody shows.  Cameo appearances from well known Rodriguez collaborators, such as Cheech Marin and Quentin Tarantino, should have audiences recognizing references to the proud Mexican Director’s filmography.
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