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Toy Store Opens in Wicker Park With No Toys

We've been working hard to unravel the mystery behind the store at 1371 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Wicker Park. All we knew was that Mr. Imagine's Toy Store was scheduled to open October 13th.

Time Out Kids is reporting Mr. Imagine's Toy Store is an idea being executed by the Chicago Children's Museum. There are, in fact, no toys; only cardboard boxes. And the children will build the toys. Children will have 27 different options and can use the materials to run with their imaginations.

Mr. Imagine's Toy Store is only open for a week: Saturday, October 13 from 9am–9pm, an every day after that through Sunday October 21, 10am–6pm.

We love the idea that kids have an opportunity to create. Additional information about Mr. Imagine's Toy Store can be found  here.


Chicago Children's Museum opens toy store without the toys

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