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Where Pizza Meets Metal - Welcome to Wicker Park's Santullo's

There are so many things to love about Santullo's in Wicker Park. It's hard to know where to start. Is it the jovial men who hold the door open for you as you walk in and kid you about having eaten the entire restaurant on their way out?

Is it the incredibly nice guys - like Jimmy - behind the counter who always remember you? Is it the heavy metal playing over the speakers every time you come in? Or is it the combination of all of those things that makes Santullo's stand out among many Chicago restaurants?

Truth be known, Santullo's is a great little casual gem of a spot located right in the heart of Wicker Park and Bucktown at 1943 W. North Avenue. The food is great and reasonable and service is always friendly.

I started with a gigantic slice of New York style thin crust pizza. The crust was cooked perfectly and the slices are huge. Pizza wasn't really on the agenda when I walked in but when I saw Jimmy take it out of the oven, it suddenly became a must have. Slices are also only $2 during the week from 3pm-5pm. A steal of a deal.

What was on the agenda was the Spicy Chicken Sando sandwich. If you're looking for a little kick in the afternoon, this is your sandwich. It's true to its name...it is spicy. The Spicy Chicken Sando sandwich combines: Roasted Chicken Breast, Roasted Red Peppers, Lettuce, Tomato and Pepper Jack Cheese. It's then warmed up slowly so the cheese melts just slightly and it's served with Spicy Mayo. I ordered mine on the pretzel roll; as if any other option really existed.

And it was spicy.... and delicious.

Santullo's is one of those quiet little casual neighborhood eateries that exists with little fanfare simply because it's reasonable....and good. It also happens to be owned by the same people who own Double Door. So you know it's cool.

If you're looking to try a one-of-a-kind casual spot, be sure to give Santullo's a try. I can't think of another place in all of Chicago where you can grab a delicious lunch and listen to heavy metal while getting great friendly service...can you?

Santullo's - 1943 W. North Avenue - Wicker Park



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