Earwax Cafe Closing February 28 2011

Updated:  Earwax Cafe did, in fact, close February 28, 2011 but reopened its doors on March 10th due to popular demand.  For full details:  Earwax Cafe Reopens in Wicker Park.




End of an Era:  After 21 years, Earwax Cafe in Wicker Park closed its doors. The sad news was announced on February 20th via a posting on their Facebook page and confirmed via telephone to the Wicker Park Bucktown Insiders Guide. The doors closed on February 28th 2011.

A staple and neighborhood icon for over 2 decades, the Wicker Park community is heartbroken.  Residents and restaurant fans are praying for a Berghoff-esque situation where the establishment will close and reopen. We're hoping for that as well and if they do, we will definitely let you know once we receive word from the owners.

In the interim, to the wonderful staff and owners of Earwax, thanks so much. 

Earwax Cafe Details

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Posted on 21-Feb-2011 04:51 PM
I'm both a long time Wicker Park resident (1987) and vegan (1999) and this is sad news, indeed, for vegans and the neighborhood. I've been a frequent Earwax diner since it was located across the street and have always recommended it heartily. This makes three vegan-friendly eateries in Chicago which will have closed within 6 months of each other (Logan Square's Life on Mars and Earwax's Milwaukee Avenue neighbor Veggie Bite being the other two.) I hope some ethical entrepreneur steps in to provide another vegan amenable establishment in the area.
Posted on 21-Feb-2011 05:48 PM
Thanks so much for your comments and feedback. We couldn't agree more. In the midst of the closings, it is our understanding that a new vegan restaurant is to open where the Burger King restaurant used to be on Milwaukee Avenue. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what the timing is on that but I do know that they have broken ground so construction is underway. Thanks again. The Wicker Park Bucktown Insider's Guide
Posted on 21-Feb-2011 06:32 PM
Tic Toc, Tic Toc the word is not. Earwax shall close this weekend, but don't fret, because the winds are blowing strong on Milwaukee Ave. and they howl revival. The time has come to clean house of all the trolls and start anew. So watch out all, for soon an old concept with a breath some much needed fresh air.
Posted on 21-Feb-2011 09:23 PM
This is heartbreaking. I have so many wonderful memories of eating at Earwax. It is one of the few truly unique establishments still left in Wicker Park (I recall a lot of closings in the past two years), and I really thought it would hold out. I'm in NYC now; wish I could fly back just to say goodbye! Good luck to the owners, whatever they may do after this is over.
Posted on 24-Feb-2011 12:51 PM
We wish Nick, Cindi, & the girls well.