Rolling Stones Play Wicker Park's Double Door

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Interview with Double Door Owners Sean Mulroney & Andy Barrett and Manager Lorri Francis -1572 N. Milwaukee Avenue

Imagine, if you can, getting a call from the Rolling Stones. The owners of the Double Door were contacted by the Rolling Stones in 1997 asking if they could play the room to kick off their US Tour. The tour that year just so happened to be opening in Chicago and Double Door, as luck would have it, was their ideal location.

Sean:  Their (the Rolling Stones) tradition is when they open a tour, they pick a venue where the tour is starting and downsize the size of the club because they want to play a rock room like one that they started in.  And they have fun.

So as incredible as it sounds, the Double Door (which holds 475 people) played host to the Rolling Stones on September 18, 1997. Ticket prices were $7. The traffic-stopping marquee on Milwaukee Avenue read The Rolling Stones Tonight $7. Sean has a picture of the marquee on his desk.

When asked if they would ever consider hosting another big show like that again:

Sean: We pursue a lot of bands and large bands. But it’s a matter of crafting a deal so it makes sense for both sides.  It’s great press for the bands.

Andy: It creates a lot of buzz for the bands. It’s about getting that hard-to-get ticket and you get press for a long time.

So if you’re a larger band looking for a top-notch, professional venue and a lot of press, Double Door would like to speak to you.


Wicker Park

What are the most striking changes they’ve seen in the neighborhood over the past 17 years?

Lorri: the recent influx of homeless who sit outside of the club with their signs & dogs.

Andy: The most striking change to me is the strollers. Young families populate the neighborhood and they’re not going out.  People don’t come here who live here anymore.  Oh and the runners. People are running and they’re not running from anyone -like a cop …(he says with a laugh). They’re just running.


What You Need to Know

Andy:  We’re open 5 or 6 nights a week. Doors generally open at 8pm. The beer is cold. Come in and if you don’t like the music that night. Come back another night. We have a lot of free shows. Most shows are under $10. We have drink specials every night.  It’s a good time. You don’t have to stay all night. Come in. Stop by and have a drink.


Double Door is an amazing venue which is why it is personally selected by huge bands like the Rolling Stones. Double Door is also consistently selected for film and television as a location because of its outstanding reputation and level of professionalism. Residents of the Wicker Park and Bucktown communities are incredibly fortunate to have this team of talented people right in the neighborhood.  As a community that supports artists of all types, don’t forget the musicians and other special events happening right in the heart of the neighborhood at North, Damen & Milwaukee Avenue. Stop by Double Door and catch a show today. Sean, Andy and Lorri would love to see you.


For additional information:

Double Door- 1572 N. Milwaukee Avenue Chicago IL 60622

(773) 489- 3160



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