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Lottie's Pub Plays Big Role in NBC's Chicago Fire

  Bucktown- April 2013

When we arrived on the set of Chicago Fire at Cortland and Winchester in Bucktown, Lottie's Pub was "on fire". Fun to see this scene being shot over and over again. At that time, we had no idea Lottie's Pub was going to play such a predominant role in NBC's Chicago Fire this season. According to the storyline, 2 of the fire fighters buy Lottie's after the television fire and name their new pub "Molly's".

And is recent episodes, Lottie's Pub is front and center. Lottie's may be featured in as many as 9 episodes this season. TV production crews are expected to continue their filming in Bucktown throughout the year. So you may just have an opportunity to catch the crew if you haven't already. We will continue to keep you posted about filming dates.

Current filming dates can be found here. So if you're heading to the area, please be aware of parking restrictions and street closures.  Chicago Fire Filming Information



Mobsters & More - The History of Lottie's Pub

This small pub located at 1925 W. Cortland Avenue has had an interesting past and always seems to be a business of interest.  In the 1930's when the bar was owned by Lottie Zagorski, it was both a grocery store and a bar. In the mid 1930's the basement is said to have served as a place of anonymity for both gangsters and public officials. Backdoor deals between city officials and mobsters were said to be a daily occurrence at this neighborhood spot. Zagorski was arrested in the 1960's for running a gambling ring and was raided by the Federal Bureau and IRS in 1973. Zagorski died of natural causes following her testimony before a grand jury. Ownership has changed hands over the past couple of decades but the current owners have owned Lottie's since 2001.  For additional details about Lottie's History.

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