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Milwaukee-Wood-Wolcott Intersection Revamp Begins Monday

Photo Credit: Grid Chicago

Updated September 20, 2013:

Every time you walk, bike or drive through this intersection you're reminded of how dangerous it is. And Alderman Moreno announced via email today that the revamp of the Wolcott-Wood-Milwaukee Avenue intersection is scheduled to begin (finally) Monday, September 23, 2013 and will last approximately a month:

"Now finally, I am pleased to announce, that after three years of advocating, cajoling and pleading, that work to bring this intersection up-to-date will begin next Monday. The modernization, which includes new road crossings, installation of ADA ramps and upgrading of traffic signals, should take about a month."

No word yet on how traffic flow is going to be managed while the construction is underway. But we're really looking forward to the final design which is outlined below via Grid Chicago.

Updated February 2013: Plans were in the works for a revamp in 2012. The target date was September 2012 and unfortunately didn't happen. The Chicago Department of Transportation and 1st Ward Alderman Office are indicating a Spring 2013 timeline for this dangerous intersection. And it just can't come soon enough ... in our humble opinion.


Published June 2012-If you've spent any time on Milwaukee Avenue at all, you know how dangerous it can be to navigate the Wood/Wolcott/Milwaukee Avenue intersection in Wicker Park.  With the street lights being difficult to see, many times cars traveling North to South on Milwaukee Avenue would fail to see the light had turned red - and we (heading Northeast on Wolcott/Wood) have almost been hit as we've attempted to cross over Milwaukee Avenue.

The problems extend far beyond that, however, with pedestrians having an equally tough time. Pedestrian walkways are not clearly marked and many people get stuck on the light "island" as pictured above. The great news is: a revamp is in the works. Steve Vance of Grid Chicago has done an excellent job of outlining both the safety issues as well as the potential solutions. For starters, the island pictured in the photo above will be removed enabling the flow of traffic. Grid Chicago has included the City's plans to make this a safer intersection.

According to the 1st Ward Office construction on the revamped intersection is to begin September 2012. For Full Details:

Confusing intersection of Milwaukee-Wood-Wolcott to be redesigned [Grid Chicago]


 ArrayDrawing provided via: Grid Chicago


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